In my work I am exploring the reality and beauty in the observed natural form. I am constantly looking at the three dimensionality and relationship of the line, both in and out of the human body to create an abstracted reality. Space, form, fluidity and rawness are vital elements in the making of the work. 

I work from a series of nudes, or a photograph or the fusion of the two. Mixed media plays a vital role from the prepared surfaces and textures; layered, stained and work-on surfaces. But it’s the focus and question of ‘who you really are’ that counts. I reveal the rawness and fluidity to express a type of truth. The works can often be described as ‘composed mistakes’ they are I hope, a fusion of what I really see and feel. 

An antidote in today’s technological space is the hand drawn, hand made standing strong in the modern world. From the ‘digital to the new dawn’; it’s moving fast, edited and yet fluid. The light in my drawings, like a still from a film is a moment in time, one position, one pose. It’s sometimes disturbing, unsettling or at peace but making the mark. 


Talented Art Fair
Old Truman Brewery
1st-3rd March 2019

New Artist Fair
Old Truman Brewery
8th-10th September 2017

Hampstead Open Air Exhibition

HSOA New Paintings and Drawings
First place Prize Winner
Hampstead School of Art
(HSOA) 2015

Bluebells and Builders
Photography Installation
Hampstead School of Art
(HSOA) 2015

Video installation
Paul Smith Flagship store, Covent Garden, 1993 



Boyz Magazine

Nothing contributes so much to tranquilise the mind as a steady purpose –
a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.
— Mary Shelley